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Alpaca Clothing

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The Legendary Alpaca

The Alpaca from Peru is a legendary packhorse from the Andes. It is a South American Camelid family member and was domesticated by the Inca civilization. Bred for its strength and endurance, the Alpaca is closely related to the superbly fine Llama and the Vicuña.

Alpacas are primarily raised as pack animals in the Andean Mountains of Peru and Bolivia, where temperatures and conditions fluctuate widely. It is rainy in the summer and sunny, dry, and cool in the winter. The Alpaca has adapted, and so has its wool. If this replica ever becomes soiled, simply sprinkle talcum powder on the soiled area and brush softly.

Alpaca Clothing

Our Alpaca products at Inter-American Trading are admired around the world for their remarkable softness and warmth. It is also one of the most versatile natural fibers available. Alpaca fiber is thermal and wicks moisture away from the body, so you’ll be warm in the winter, but comfortably cool in the summer.No matter what the season, Alpaca products (made from alpaca wool) will keep you warm and comfortable. It is one of the softest and most luxurious natural fibers on the planet.

Kid´s Alpaca Blend Knit Glittens

Our alpaca products are made from raw fiber that is washed, carded, and spun by local Artisans in Peru. The final product is soft, warm, and lightweight making it perfect for a long winter’s day in your favorite ski town. Our  Alpaca gloves feature reinforced palms and looped thumbs to help keep hands warm and dry. Use as liners under larger  Alpaca mittens or on their own in more temperate climates. Buttery soft and comfortable against the skin, our hat provides excellent protection against the elements without scratching or itching.

Alpaca products like our Alpaca Hats are exceptionally warm and wonderfully soft. They can also be worn in any season — they’re so lightweight that they offer cool, comfortable protection in the summer while keeping you snug, snug, warm and cozy during the winter.

What makes alpaca clothing so extra-special? The softness! Alpaca is known for being incredibly soft and will only get softer with time. It’s also warm, lightweight, non-itchy, and durable, making it a practical choice for your wardrobe

Shop the finest alpaca clothing, made from natural fibers with never any synthetic blend. We offer a wide variety of products, for men, women, and children ranging from luxuriously soft Alpaca Socks to elegant fashion & classic styles. We carry only the best quality, at affordable prices – so you can wrap yourself in pure luxury.

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